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ICADEM Solutions

On demand ICADEM Learning programs: the most commonly deployed formula

You have specific needs in management? ICADEM offers you customized training modules. We accompany you to define your needs and implement a unique training program :

  • using the vocabulary specific to your activity,
  • taking into account the specificities of your business,
  • integrating culture and values of your company.

Examples of needs expressed by our clients:

• Improving management practices,
• Remotivating reconstituted teams after a change in organization,
• Developing the leadership of middle Management,
• Measuring and increasing return on investment of Management training programs,
• Generating positive KPIs,
• Sharing good practices during mergers/acquisitions,
• Developing successful relationships with difficult clients,
• Developing more constructive relationships with social partners,
• ...

ICADEM Catalog formula

Our catalog is structured around 6 themes:

1. Team Management (local/distant teams)

  • Improving my management style
  • How to manage my team easily?
  • Facilitating my effectiveness during conference calls
  • Managing is deciding
  • Delegating
  • Managing my team by objectives
  • Improving distance management
  • Improving Management skills: Workshop

2. Project Management

  • Piloting efficiently a project
  • Conducting efficiently progress meetings
  • Conducting efficiently distance progress meetings
  • Improving distance management
  • Improving Project Management: Workshop

3. Leadership

  • Developing my leadership
  • Developing and sharing my vision
  • Leadership Development: Workshop

4. Relationship effectiveness

  • Conducting effective interviews
  • Facilitating efficiently a meeting
  • Making explicit the implicit
  • Better communicating with others
  • Developing Relationship effectiveness : Workshop

5. Personal development

  • Improving stress management
  • Developing my assertiveness
  • Managing time and priorities
  • Succeeding my speeches in public

6. Commercial efficiency

  • Improving customer loyalty
  • Managing successful relationships with difficult clients
  • Developing strategic approaches to selling services

Distance learning ICADEM trainings are proposed as inter-company or intra-company services.

All our training programs are DIF eligible (French individual right to training).

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