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Customer Relations Centres:
Quality of local management and customer satisfaction

(Newsletter ICADEM - March 2010)

End-user satisfaction and competitive differentiation are nowadays at the heart of the performance of call centers. Call center agents, direct interlocutors of the customers, represent the primary resource, integral to the achievement of company objectives. Therefore, an adequate training of the entire management (supervisors, team leaders, managers) of those agents is essential to:

  • animate and energize teams,
  • encourage employees involvement,
  • improve the quality of daily service,
  • enhance customer satisfaction.

Proximity Management: a strategic position in the organization of call centers

These managers have to relay information effectively, to unify their teams around common goals, to support the growing competence of their staff, to arbitrate and decide quickly, finally to be proactive in case of critical situations.
So many managerial positions that the manager should use with flexibility to achieve his/her objectives of quality of service.

The role of Training in the development of Proximity Management

Decision makers in call centers are now convinced of the need to implement customized training programs for Proximity Management to stem the high rates of turnover and absenteeism. But are traditional methods still suited to the challenge?


    1. A formula combining customized training and operating results, as well as Performance and Well-being,
    2. A device to better control training costs,
    3. Assemble and train managers located on distant sites,
    4. Taking into account individual training objectives in group process,
    5. A perennial ownership acquired through training distributed over time,
    6. An active learning, practical cases brought by participants,
    7. Innovative training by telephone, adapted to the schedules of managers,
    8. A tool for the prevention of psychosocial risks, by sharing experiences with peers, better managing stress and anticipating conflict.

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